Good day everyone, there’s an issue that am currently facing now, am using a localhost on my computer to view client in the browser, after running npm start on my terminal in vs code. The website opens first with the login page like it supposed too, if u are a new user u should click on register button which is detailed small in that same login page, after I did that i.e registering a new account on clicking register it said “something went wrong” later on checking developers tools in that drop down menu it should this :point_right: failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500(Internal server error)" The issue is from my register.js file but I have no idea how to resolve that though, someone said the issue is because I didn’t use api/register and which I used I have followed even what chatgpt I.e website told me but couldn’t still fix it, even unistall and installed still not working or removing it.