Echoism problems


Real noob here. I followed the tutorial and get stuck on the first chapter! I can get to page 10/13 of the tutorial. I am using the developer console in another chrome window. All my tabs have green checks - ( these are labeled ‘skill info, interaction model (builder beta), configuration and test’) I can get the beta. echosim running, hold the space bar and say ‘open code academy’. Alexa responds with ‘I’m not quite sure how to help you with that.’ Then I try (as instructed) to say “Alexa, tell code academy to say hello”. and she says 'I’m not sure"

OK, how do I trouble shoot this?


well when i go to the test tab and type in ‘hello’ I get:
“The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid.”


I’m having the same problem here and in the next chapter when doing the language skill. Can we get access to AWS code for both chapters that is tested and working?


I’m new to Codecadamy and have to say that this has been a very poor experience. With no staff response to our posts I’m wondering whats going on. Are all the courses so poorly tested? Does anyone know?


OK. So I also followed the instructions to the letter but cannot get anything to work in Has anyone actually managed to get this demo to work on echosim?


Yikes. I have the same problem. “Open code academy” gets me: “Welcome to code academy.” But “Tell code academy to say hello” gets me an error, and putting “hello” or “hi” in the test gets an appropriate JSON request, but “The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid.” as a response. I hope somebody figures this out soon!


Hi All, I’m having the same problem as others here “The remote endpoint could not be called, or the response it returned was invalid.”. has anyone managed to fix this?


Am also having the same problem!
Did anyone got fixed?


Looking for help too :slight_smile:


I was successful but not with echosim, just for the sake of knowing that it’s working for someone. :wink:

I kind of like the course being on the old layout, it makes it a scavenger hunt to find things.


“open code academy” works under the Test tab of the developer console, but not with Echosim. What am I doing wrong? @oduffy


I didn’t even get echosim to respond in any way. It just won’t do anything. And I’m only on step 10. Very poor experience indeed… :frowning:


I was stuck as well on step 10/13 as other have mentioned. I resolved the issue by enabling the test feature for the skill which was disabled by default. To enable this feature, navigate to the “Test” tab of and click the toggle button in the upper left hand corner.


Somehow Alexa was not understanding the skill invocation name. I changed it from “code academy” to “hello world” and, as suggested by @nicholsvt enabled the test toggle button in the Test tab of the developer console. Then I was able to successful with the utterance “tell hello world to say hello.”


When I use the service simulator , although alexa does respond I do not see the response from our Lambda function on the right.