Echo command marked incorrect in tutorial though fine in Cygdrive

In Lesson 6/12 in “Learn the Command Line”, the 3rd instruction is:
Once you create scene-2.txt, add the following text to this file in the code editor.
Harry Programmer and the Sorcerer’s Code: Scene 2

My code is:

echo “Harry Programmer and the Sorcerer’s Code: Scene 2” >> scene-2.txt

which is marked as incorrect in the tutorial (i.e. red cross). There isn’t any error in the console.

I have checked the command in Cygdrive and it works fine, I also checked in the tutorial itself using the ls command that scene-2.txt is present. Am I misunderstanding the instruction or if there is an issue with the course here? I currently can’t progress as the reset option just completes the whole lesson for me.

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