Easy Ruby Question - Help Needed


In the editor, set the variables:
sum equal to 13 + 379
product equal to 923 * 15
quotient equal to 13209 / 17
Print each variable to the console using puts if you want to see the results.

My answer:
sum = 13+379
product = 923*15
quotient = 13209/17

Okay, I got that right.
However, how can I use “puts” to see the results?
On line 4, I’ve tried doing: “puts sum, product, quotient” (didn’t work)


you have to use string interpolation:

types_of_people = 10
x = "There are #{types_of_people} types of people."

or you can use + to join strings, but then you would have to convert .to_s (this converts to string)


A bit early to introduce that concept. They’re still on variables.

Quotes are for strings, only. Variables are identifiers that are never written in quotes.

puts sum
puts product
puts quotient


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