Easy pipenv install for Mac Silicon

Hey all,

Not sure if I was doing something wrong, but when I tried to follow the video on Mac install of pipenv, I was noticing that the directions were working for me. https://www.codecademy.com/courses/learn-python-3/articles/learn-python-pipenv is the link, but anyway, with help of LLM, I was able to get it done rather quickly. My approach may not be the most efficient for accomplishing this specific task, as I recycled the commands from installing home-brew but it worked for me, and hopefully will help you.

Be sure to replace “your_user_name_here” with the name of the directory that is after users on your device. change it both times.

(echo; echo ‘export PATH=“$PATH:/Users/your_user_name_here/Library/Python/3.9/bin”’) >> /Users/your_user_name_here/.zprofile

Ensure change has occurred with:

source /Users/your_user_name_here/.zprofile

also, just for double check:

pipenv update

Hopefully this helps anyone else.


Since you’re using LLM you might as well get some background (preferably with citations to documentation) of what these commands do.

For example the source command is pretty useful, and good to know what it can do.
Same goes for the >> stream operators.

The reason for getting the citations of the documentation is that it can often go wrong. So as you level up you will be able to spot where that is more often.

Installation and setup are part of the tool-set too for programmers.

Thank you for taking the time to reply! I appreciate the tips, and definitely use the LLM to break things down in a granular way usual. Being new to learning tech, I love that I can go and information spelled out to me in the simplest terms possible.

I will definitely start using the tip about asking for citations. Thanks again.