Early bird getting the worm

I’ve been waking up early in the morning challenging myself to learn on various platforms and have found codecademy to be the most useful, engaging experience thus far. I am grateful for what I have learned at this point and look forward to much deeper learning and applying it to real-world tasks.
With that said, I have had the good karma of an old friend in need of a website and was asked to take on the task. A simple site, not too much for me to handle as it would require no more than a page or two, and would use what I’ve learned here so far. Not a bad start to begin a portfolio while still learning. My message to everyone who wants to learn a new skill and chose this but question if it’s worth the gamble: just do it…the hardest part is getting started and yes, it is worth the gamble when you put your mind to it. Your are only limited by what you allow in your mind.


Hello @acemartin!! Welcome to the forums :grinning:

Apparently we have something in common, I too enjoy coding in the early morning.
Getting up before sunrise, the peace and quiet, and hearing the birds wake up and start singing, really puts you in a great mood.

Good luck with your project. If possible, I would love to see the work after you are done.

It is also great to see people with your mind set, ready to try and not ready to give up.

Hi! Thank you for writing. I do appreciate the peace and quiet of the morning and the sounds (birds chirping, for example) that come with it. I find my brain is much more spongy at that time. Even the air feels fresher at 5-6am than at 1-2pm lol.
I’d be happy to share my work…I’m actually about to begin hard-coding a prototype of a homepage right now to give myself an idea of what to do moving forward as my client didn’t have too many solid ideas as far as layout, leaving me free reign, for which I’ll consider myself lucky.
I’m happy to talk to like-minded people as well…glad to have made your acquaintance. This’ll help motivate me further, have someone who appreciates coding who can judge my work. Thank you for your message, I’d be glad to communicate again.

I would be glad to help out and give recommendations :grinning:
Though I don’t think I am qualified to judge your work yet, I am still relatively new to HTML and CSS.

If you haven’t already I would recommend checking out MDN web docs. They have the complete list of HTML CSS and JavaScript elements. So far I have found them extremely useful.

That’d be nice, thank you. I have MDN bookmarked, though I’ll need to sift through it a little more about now. Took a break from setting up the header, back at it now.