Each exercise has their 'Solution code' at the end of the explanation

The idea has advantages and also disadvantages but, what do you think about every Guide has the code that works for the exercise? Just for everyone who is with doubts can look the code and learn, with this idea I mean that the forum is able to make questions and the other ‘Solution guides’ would be more easier for students continue their guides.

I’m open to talk about the idea. Thanks for the space anyway.

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I personally think it isn’t a good idea to have the correct code for each exercise in the exercise’s hints because there’s the chance that some people would just abuse this and copy and paste it without thinking - like that they’ll never learn.

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I’m kind of mixed about this. Some people learn by comparing working code to their code, and this would help them a lot, and let us focus on getting better answers out to the other people here on the forums.
But, some people will:

  • Mindlessly copy/paste it. These people exert the minimum effort needed, and usually are only on here for a school class
  • Mis/not understand it. These people try to understand it, but fail, because the code is too complex or they think differently than the course author, or something.

Doing this would make it easier for the mindless people. It’s already not too hard to find working code for any given exercise if you’re willing to spend about five minutes on here, but they could no spend ~ three seconds getting the correct code. Since these people aren’t going to change, I don’t think it’s worth worrying about whether they can get the correct code or not.

It’s the people who misunderstand the code who I think get affected if they have easy access to answers. Instead of asking a question and getting a clear and helpful answer that helps them understand the problem, move on, and avoid it next time, they might struggle to understand it, but then not ask a question for lots of reasons and copy/paste it without ever understanding how it works.
And with the answers hidden just that little extra, these people are more likely to create a question I think.

I, personally, think that these people are in the majority, so I don’t think it’s a good idea.

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Personally I think step by step hints with explanation comments would work a lot better than having a ready solution code.