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E-commerce API Project

Max’s Sporting Goods Store

Here is my API for the E-commerce API project. I decided to base the store API on a sporting goods store as sports is a passion of mine. Although it was a challenging project, I loved researching on my own to solve issues and finding new ways to create an API. Finally, it was fulfilling to create the documentation following OpenAPI 3.0 specs and see the project deployed successfully with Heroku. As always I would love to hear your feedback and how to improve my code.

Heroku deployment


Github link

Here is my take on this project. I’ve used passport with bcrypt for login and register, i’ve also tried using crypto, but to no avail, actually I’ve wasted a lot of time trying to use it. I’ve also written tests for most of routes, excluding the ones for auth, didn’t know how to write test for it. Had a lot of issues on the way, but happily I was able to solve most of them. Documentation is still incomplete and I think of adding some more routes too.

Heroku : Heroku swagger docs
Github: Github

On first look the project seemed impossible , but i read the comments and moved on with the lessons until Common Attacks on Web Applications that helped a bit and also watched some extra videos.

Building REST API This one was particullarry helpful

I just missed one part in codecademys lessons which is putting everything together.
Took me 1 extra week for learning and after that it was 4-5 days to put it together hopefully it works as intended

Heroku :
Github :

Alright, finished this part of the project. My project is a streetwear-focused clothing store. I actually did it in tandem with the client side of the E-Commerce, but haven’t got it all deployed yet. Should get that done, hopefully soon. Once I do, I’ll post the link to the deployed site on the E-Commerce Client project forum.

Github Link (pertinent code for this project is in the server folder).