E-Commerce API - Useful article on TDD for this project (Full-Stack, Back-End)

Hey guys,
I’ve been messing around with this project for a week or so now, really trying hard to develop the API using TDD principles but it’s been a really hard slog - one of the things I’ve been banging my head against the wall with is that changes made to the database with the test suite remain after you’ve done the test. I found a workable solution for that (using a test environment which tells the queries to use the test database instead of the real one) but had to do more research now I’m working on delete routes.

This article is extremely helpful, to the extent that I might actually start my testing over so that I can use the techniques he uses here. Posting here so people maybe don’t have to do the hours of googling that I did to work out how to do stuff. Aren’t I nice.

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