E-commerce API, cat shop

That took a lot of time!!
Mainly because I dont have a lot of free time, having family, full time work and studying a degree. The project is not deployed, dont have patience at the moment to figure out how to deploy it with the database being stored on a server for free.
I made a lot of changes to the points of the project. It is a cat shop, where you can create your account, passwords are being hashed and stored in DB, along with other information about the user.
When selling the cat you set the values, and these values get stored to the DB. Messages also get stored in DB, all have separate Tables.
Try to put a picture that isn`t a cat!! :smiley:
Hope it works for you, if you have any questions, just ask I will try to respond as soon as I can.
The link to the Github page is https://github.com/MariuszMajcher/e-commerce/tree/main/e-commerce

Have a good day people!!!