Dyslexia friendly background colours


I'm a sufferer of dyslexia. I have trouble have trouble reading the tasks with the current background colour. I was wondering if there is a way to change it or if the option to change it could be added in the future.


Unfortunately, this is not possible. This means all browser need to support background-color and background-colour, but the moment you do this, every country wants its own language (france, dutch, german, etcetera), it would become one big mess

what you could do setup a IDE/text-editor which suggest the css property/html tags while you are typing, but then we go outside of CC


Personally i feel that this is a worthy point. I recently learned about accessibility issues while taking my course Introduction to the internet. W3C has guidelines governing accessibilty for websites. These guidelines seem to verge in my opinion on rules. Given what I learned in the course and what I have learned through this excellent website it really should not be too hard to incorporate a way to select the visual style appropriate for an individuals tastes. This would effectively address those with disabilities such as yours. I also offer my sympathy for your condition, in the mean time have you tried to utilize the themes in Windows? (this is of course if you are using Windows in the first place.) I have messed with this setting just out of curiosity in an attempt to relieve eyestrain. You can find it in the control panel under appearance and personalization and then selecting change theme. Hope this helps.


I wish there was a way to do that. Every time I read the description, I feel like my eyes are bleeding.