Dynamic Search browser compatablitiy issues

I was always using Chrome browser and just realized that my dynamic search in Vue.js does not work in other browsers… My question is: Is there any front-end framework that will allow me to create a dynamic search bar through an API request that will be working across all modern browsers?

Any help would be appreciated.

should work with vueJS. I have build API’s and vue search components, worked fine across major browsers.

I feel like information is missing. Why does your search component not work in other browsers? Are there errors?

There are no errors - at least the developer tools do not show them. I tested it with Codecademy material just now. Go to the Vue lesson and copy and paste one page from the end of lesson three. It does perform perfectly fine with Chrome, but fails with Safari and Explorer.

If you want me to look at a lesson, please provide me with the exercise url.

Learn Vue.js | Codecademy

On the right side you will see the page in Chrome. Try changing the browser - it will not work.

Works fine in Firefox for me.

In the bottom of the lesson is a share button:


could you share the gist of your project?

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