Dwolla API Course


Initializing the Dwolla Help Package section..
All I have so far is:

import DwollaUser


Here we go...

First, tell Python to import the DwollaUser class form the dwolla package.

Finally, instantiate a new variable named Dwolla, by assigning and invoking the DwollaUser method. That method accepts a single parameter: an OAuth token. Since we promised to take care of that for you, simply pass 'OAUTH_TOKEN' - we'll take care of the rest.


Are you familiar with Python classes?


Yes I am learning. How does that apply here?


This suggests a new instance of a class.

I might be better informed if I knew the lesson you are on. Please post a link. Thank you.


Here is where I am LINK


Okay, there looks to be a typo in the instructions. We need to import from dwolla.


Okay I noticed that so how do I do this?


from ___ import ___

Replace the blanks.


from Dwolla import Dwolla.DwollaUser ?? still not getting where the oauth comes in?