Dusan Walla Portfolio

Hi everybody, so two weeks of work, still not completely finished, but the basic stuff is there. Time to move on with FSE course. Hope you gonna like it. It was hard, but fun. I love to create stuff out of nothing. Unfortunately JavaScript is making my life difficult, somehow i can’t get it to work.

Link to live page

Hi there, Dusan!

I like what you’ve designed, but it appears that some of your icons are not properly rendering.

I also noticed that the testimonial was cut off:

But I assume it’s to represent a slide?

And if I could suggest this:

Would look really good at the top, I think.

It might be cliche, but…

Ignore my art skills, lol. But I think having your about me with your call to action button drives a reason to click the button, rather than it standing alone at the top.

It could read something like this:

Dusan Walla------
Full Stack Engineer
I am passionate about creating innovative solutions and bringing new ideas to life through software engineering, and I strive to code the future one line at a time. I am eager to work alongside inspiring minds while continuing to grow my skill set. Are you ready to go from concept to creation? Let’s work together and create something extraordinary!

There are other alignment issues I’m sure you’re aware of, but these were just the few things I wanted to touch on. Great job!

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Hello kirativewd, thank you for your kind words. I appreciate your feedback and look into it. I will try to do your suggestions and see how it looks. However, I’m well aware of the missaligments and working on other parts of the portfolio. When the final product is ready, i’ll post you the link. I think you’ll be even more impressed when its finished. Thank you.

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