Dump votes


No one pays attention to them anyway. If I'm wrong, and they're the hottest thing ever, then post here. Else, I'd suggest that the voting system be removed. It seems extraneous.


We currently use the voting system only because it allows us to sort topics in a category based on the number of votes. If there were a way to sort topics by the number of likes that topic had gotten, we might remove the voting plugin, but for now it seems likely that we'll keep it for the foreseeable future.


Okay... How does this voting sort thing work?


Go to a category. Click “Votes” in the navigation bar.



Voting on the first post in a thread (usually the question) actually has a purpose, whereas simply 'liking' a topic did not, like Zeke pointed out.

I personally prefer votes, plus, it's not like likes are gone completely - you can like other posts in a thread still :slight_smile:


My God, you're geniuses! Since no one uses votes, any topic I vote on (e.g., that has basically two votes) will be put first whenever anyone uses that system! Thanks, Codecademy!

Edit: Would either of you mind voting on this topic? Cosmic justice.


@shrike2 You don't have to view topics sorted by votes if you don't like it.


I wasn't kidding. I'm absolutely serious.


Well then, I'm honored to be considered a genius by you.


Did you invent votes? :grinning:

It's true. Almost every topic has 0 or 1 votes, permitting those topics with, say, 2 votes, to be always seen first when someone uses that sorting method. How exciting! :wink:


No, but you said we were geniuses.

If you're interested, you can find the code for that plugin here: https://github.com/discourse/discourse-voting





We are :wink:


Personally, I think votes tell people what topics are best


That's good, since that's what they're supposed to do :wink:


I deffinently agree.


In theory. If there is any way to currupt the system, it tells the public nothing.


Actually even I do not understand why 'voting' system exists. Could someone tell when exactly we should vote?


Voting helps sort topics. It's a replacement to 'liking' the first post.


Thanks @jibblyj. Why would one vote for a post, when one can like it?


When one can't like it. Votes don't go alongside likes, they replace them.

Likes are for replies, votes are for topics.