Dropdown menu


html and css didnt taught about dropdown menu,background images,and a lot of cool stuff to make our website look nice.So do i also have to complete make "" interactive website""" an """make website """course to learn much more.


do you know javascript & jQuery?



the html + css course is the basic. I would now do make a website, followed by javascript + jquery, and then make a interactive website (which uses jquery)

jquery is a javascript library. So you can learn javascript and jquery at the same time (part of the js track, and the whole jquery track is what i would do)


no >>i dont know..so do i have to learn them individually.or togather in the cource ""make an interactive website"""


or do i have to do anoter course


you should learn javascript and jquery first (like i said in my answer), then make a interactive website. The interactive website course does very little explaining when it comes to the jquery code used in the exercises, so knowing jquery first is almost a must

well, we have: make a website, javascript, jquery and make a interactive website. For more tutorials, you will need to find a different resource

EDIT: I would still do make a website before javascript/jquery and make a interactive website


I am starting to learn javascript now. Thank you for the tip regarding learning both javascript and jquery simultaneously! I will do that :wink: