Dreamweaver for Web Design

I’m starting my career change and learning web design. Back when I worked with graphic designers, solely for print projects, Dreamweaver was used to first create the look of a web site and then you could modify the HTML and CSS later. Is this still the case, or is it strictly all typing code now?

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On some of these programs you have the option to download the code, but if you don’t, you can get the code by pressing f12, click on the html tag, and select edit as HTML, then you can copy the code.
Or you can press f12 then click onto debugger and click on the HTML file:

in chrome:
to get CSS in chrome you just have to select the CSS file instead of HTML.
In Mozilla you have to select style editor and select the desired CSS file:

Hope this helps :grinning:

Last I checked, Dreamweaver was very outdated and bad practice to use. You’re best off coding something from scratch than using it as it often generates messy/buggy/outdated HTML and CSS.

It’s also lazy… :expressionless:

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