Dream job offer

Hi everyone,

I’ve always wanted to work as a front end web designer.

For the last three years I’ve been stuck in a job that wasn’t offering me the opportunity to learn more web design, so i left. I wanted to take this time to really complete more advanced training in HTML, CSS and Javascript. My issue is that a dream job, one I’ve been after for a while contacted me and asked to interview as a front end web developer.

I think it’s too soon but I’ve worked on websites before, edited templates, created new styles etc. I haven’t built a website from scratch.

What would you recommend, not go to the interview or go and be honest?

Thanks in advance.


Hey @rincond, thanks for sharing, and congrats on the call. What are your reasons for not going to the interview?


You actually didn’t lose anything if you go to the interview…


it is a calculated risk. Depending on the size of the area where you live.


I’m curious on how the interview went if you ended up going.

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