Drastic career path change

Hi everyone! :smiley:
I’m extremely new to Codecademy, and this forum. We are talking hours. Reason for this post is that I’d like to get an insight from someone either who works in this field, or someone who has done somewhat what I’m doing right now. Which, in my case, are in a very confusing stage of life where I’m studying Economics but hate it. So I’m taking actions towards my interest in coding, web development etc.
Originally I’m from Sweden. Currently living in London, and loving it. I’m very unsure if coding and this field is 110% right for me. I guess I just want to hear your stories about how you fell in to this subject, how you feel about it, is it hard work (whatever the definition of hard work is…), are you feeling confident about your decision to pursue the path towards working in this field?..
Wow, you can notice I haven’t sorted where I’m going with this post. But please, share your stories! I’d love to hear them. How did you get to where you are now? Have you had any moments of realisation on the way?

Hi there!

I jumped back into programming and then computer science (note the distinction, they’re not the same thing) back in May 2020 after a while of being a musician (which I still love to the death) because of a certain global event…

My initial condition for the switch was that I had to find the new field enjoyable in some way. In high school I majored in computer science but I didn’t jive with it at the time, but in hindsight that turns out to have been more a product of the school and not the subject. For me, this condition was a must because I knew it is a lot of work, but here is the catch: it’s not nearly as hard if I’m interested. But what is hard? I’m only guessing as to your definition of hard, which I take to be: is it reasonably practical to make the career-switch and make a living? There’s another layer of hard which is: can I make x impact or y innovation in this field that I want to? (Which in my opinion is hard in any and all fields).

The general subject of things where programming can be applicable is wide, so there is a good chance that you can find something that fits your interest. I would say there are always going to be hot trends in tech but the fundamentals don’t change.

The confidence question is always going to be subjective too, and will have to do with how one meets new challenges, situations, types of people, etc. And also people communicate confidence in different ways: I’ve seen people that claim they have low-confidence break through in tech, and people that say they have high-confidence fall out.

tl;dr: I got a new appreciation for how deeply the brain can take in new paradigms when given the right amount of nurturing (past youthful ages). Jump in and see what happens.


Thank you for taking the time and answering, I really appreciate it :blush:

That’s also something that motivates me to continue even thong I don’t feel 110% sure about coding. Taking this route will eventually allow me to take advantage of my creative and aesthetic interest…