Dragon Slayer - youHit

I can’t understand this, could someone please explain?
while(slaying) {
if(youHit) {
console.log(“You hit the dragon!”)
else {
console.log(“Sorry, Dragon defeted you”)
slaying = false;

This part: if(youHit). Shouldn’t it be - if(youHit => 1)? I mean, youHit value could be 0. Isn’t it necessary to precise the if outcome?

no, because 0 is considered false where as 1 is considered true:

if (0){
     console.log("0 is true")
} else {
     console.log("0 is false")

if (1){
     console.log("1 is true")
} else {
     console.log("1 is false")

in the the end, it matters if the condition evaluates to true or false, this doesn’t have to be comparison, it can also be checking if a value is true or false.

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Ohh, very simple. Much clearer now, thanks a lot!