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It would prove very useful for us (mod and above) to have a draft option to offset the occasional interruption that might catch our attention. So many times have I been forced to choose between priorities. At least with a way to save the current post, or even a history of unsubmitted drafts would give us a way to backtrack and resume. Am I wishing on a star? Or asking for something that is doable?

Doesn’t Discourse have something like this built in? I’ve never tested it, but I’ve had replies stay through multiple reboots, browser restarts, and (if I remember right) even closing the tab and then going back to the same topic.

I first noticed this the other day when my hard drive crashed. Once the computer was back up and running and I got back on the site the post I had been working on was still in the editor.

However, this is not a true draft mode that allows us to close our work and return later.

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If you write a reply to a topic it keeps a copy even if you move an reply to another topic, when you move back your reply is still there.

The system could be made a lot clearer though, with save buttons and a list of all current drafts.


@mtf If canned responses work for you in Codecademy Redesigned (they don’t for some people, and we’re not sure why :confused:), you can save your post as a canned response, then delete it later once you post it.
It uses localStorage to store your canned responses though, so only slightly more reliable than Discourse’s default saving thing.


Not yet, at least not in Firefox. Haven’t tried Chrome, yet. That is a thought, though.


Are you able to try clearing localStorage here on Discuss, or at least remove your canned responses thing in localStorage? (localStorage.remove_item("canned_responses"); in the browser console)

TypeError: localStorage.remove_item is not a function

I checked my addons and 7.1.1 is enabled.

@mtf Woops, my bad. Try it with removeItem() (camelCased, instead of snake_cased):


That ran and returned undefined.

Clicking Canned Response lets me enter a name, but that becomes the text, and I cannot add text to the response itself. Clicking again closes the tool, clicking again opens the tool with a blank window.

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@mtf Thanks. I hope we’ll be able to find what’s wrong with it soon :confused:
I’m nearly done with my current obsession project, and will try to take a look at it then :slight_smile:

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Using canned responses takes some getting used to.

First you need to highlight the text you want as a response then click the canned responses button and create new response, this will create a new response of whatever text is currently selected.

@zystvan check over in redesigned post I have an idea.


Now that makes perfect sense. My foggy brain is one day imaginative, another, not. Thanks for the tip.