Downloading the files into VScode?

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Hey guys, I have yet to use VScode to upload files to debug, which seems like something I will need in the future.

I hit the download the fotomatic files to my computer (the link i provided above) and tried to open in VScode and it basically said it wasn’t supported? I then tried just opening the files I downloaded flipping through them and got the CSS that opened in notepad. I copied and pasted to VScode from there. However, I cannot find the HTML code at all? I did get it to open an html website but trying to copy the code from selecting it all in the console of the site just…I know this is not the best way, can anyone help?

Are you sure that you are on the same language version as VS Code? For example you could be programming in an older version. There is a possibility that you selected the wrong file as well. You should try to restart the process, you don’t seem to have a difficult problem, it’s just that I never ran into this problem so I am not too sure how to help you; here is a video I found that might help you.

Link: VS Code tips — Dragging and dropping files into and out of VS Code - YouTube

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