Downloading sqlite files from the Stanford website in the sql tutorial

I have a Mac and am trying to open the sqlite files for the tutorial but my Mac says unable to download because developer cannot be identified. Has anyone else encountered this? Is it safe to allow the files to download?

Did you first download/install the correct version of Sqlite db browser? Or, is that what you’re having an issue with?

I downloaded the SQLite for Mac from the download page. Is there a separate DB browser? I am really new to coding and SQL. one of the issues was my Mac didn’t know which app to use to open the file. When I specified and forced it to use the text editor it said unsafe and developer unknown. I could go to security settings and allow it but I am uncomfortable doing this.

I haven’t done these particular instructions, but, did you follow the instructions for downloading/installing on a Mac? Did you watch the YT video for specifics?

For Macs, use the Mac OS X (x86) sqlite-tools package:

  1. Install it, and unzip it.
  2. In your terminal, navigate to the directory of the unzipped folder using cd.
  3. Run the command mv sqlite3 /usr/local/bin/. This will add the command sqlite3 to your terminal path, allowing you to use the command from anywhere.
  4. Try typing sqlite3 newdb.sqlite. If you’re presented with a sqlite>prompt, you’ve installed SQLite! Enter control + d to quit. You can also exit by typing .exit in the prompt and pressing return.

Video Tutorial: Setting Up SQLite Locally (Mac)

Thanks for the directions yes I tried those but I will try again. This might be silly question but is the sqlite db browser you are referring to the same as the sqlite download referenced?

Sorry for any confusion. No, it’s different:

Thanks for the reply. I think the issue is I didn’t know I needed to download the DB browser. In hindsight it makes sense but it was not mentioned in the tutorial.

The directions and the video have one using the Terminal & command line on a Mac to view DBs and navigate the tables (data).
The DB Browser for SQLite is a GUI.

Yes I understand now. I am familiar with mySQL and using popSQL as the code editor as opposed to the terminal. Sounds like DB browser is similar to popSQL and allows you to bypass terminal. I think I will use sql database files from a secure website the one I am looking at says not secure. That is what is worrying me about it. I may not have the correct website though.

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hello, I installed and unziped in the terminal unziped folder with cd.
then I run the command mv sqlite3 /usr/local/bin/

`Last login: Sat Mar 18 21:45:29 on ttys001
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 ~ % cd
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 ~ % pwd
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 ~ % ls
Applications Library Zotero
Creative Cloud Files Movies cdeshools.sqlite
Desktop Music github
Documents Pictures iCloud Drive (Archive)
Downloads Public
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 ~ % cd
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 ~ % cd Desktop
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 Desktop % clear

macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 Desktop % mv sqlite3 /usr/local/bin/
mv: rename sqlite3 to /usr/local/bin/sqlite3: Permission denied
macbookair@MacBook-Air-macbook-3 Desktop % `

Hey, I’m stuck with the third query from this lesson: Which place has higher asian populations: NYC or LA.
Could anyone please help me out here?

Without knowing the columns in the table (do you have a link to the dataset?)…break down the question. So, you’d want to look at two different cities and probably want to use a WHERE clause to filter the records (rows)…