Downloading multiple Cheatsheets

Hello Everyone!

I am completing the Computer Science skill path. I have already completed hundreds of exercises equivalent to dozens of concepts and Cheatsheets. It would take hours to download every Cheatsheet individually… e.g. (

¿Is there a way to download all Cheatsheet for the skill path in a single document? My goal is to create a unified reference document to use while programming.

Thank you so much for your help!

The idea is to download each cheat sheet as they are encountered in the lesson path. One really can’t see consolidating them all into one repository as very helpful in light of the overall scheme.

Hello @danielrodriguezmarti!! Welcome to the forums :grinning:

If you are looking to have a unified reference document, I believe the bast thing to use is the official documentation. In this case I believe you are wanting Pythons:

Another idea would be to write your own reference. If you want to practice HTML and CSS this makes a good practice project.