Downloading java script and jQuery


In order to practice in our own laptop or Desktop, I feel it is necessary to download the java script and jQuery. Can you suggest a good reliable website from where the above can be downloaded free.


Replace this line with your code.


you can't download javascript, you can create js files on your computer with a text-editor like notepad++, link it to html file, to make it work.

You can download jquery here


Thank you for the information and help.


If you have further question, you can ask them in this topic. Read some guides online on how to do this, since it might be a bit tricky in the beginning


I downloaded jquery 1.12.3 jscript script file and jquery 1.12.3 map file from the website indicated by you sir. It is saved in 'Downloads'. How to make use of it? Just for testing purpose, I copied the html, css and js codes in separate files from the slideToggle lesson of codecademy and saved in my Desktop of my laptop. But it is not linking the script.js file. HTML and CSS is coming ok. Can you please help further.


you need to move the jquery file to your desktop as well, then in your html you need two links: one for js file (script.js) and one for your jquery:

<script src="script.js"></script>
<script src="jquery.js"></script>

make sure the name at src (jquery.js and script.js) match the names of the actual files. And that the files in the same directory (desktop is fine)


I am still not able to link js file. I deleted all the downloaded jquery file and then freshly downloaded the jquery-1.12.3.js file from and saved in Desktop
I have copied the codecademy codes of slidepanel in 3 separate files.
1. slidepanel.html
2. slidepanel.css
3. script.js (jQuery file codes)
All these three files are also saved in the Desktop and put into one folder. I have provided the link as given below.

        <title>Slide Panel</title>
        <script type="text/javascript" src="script.js"></script>
        <script src = "jquery.js"></script> 
        <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="slidepanel.css"></link>
        <div class="panel">
        <br />
        <br /> 
        <p>Now you see me!</p>
        <p class="slide"><div class="pull-me">Slide Up/Down</div></p>

html and css are working. Why the jquery is not working, I am not able to understand. Can you please help in this regard. Thanks in advance.


Thank you all for all tips. I am able to use jquery in my laptop. I did not download the jquery. Instead I used the following to link the jqueryfile.

Thanks once again.


but now you can't use jquery if you don't have internet access. But good it works now :slight_smile: But it is good to digger a little deeper in how to link files


I agree. To work offline, I will have to download the jquery and then link it.


what is the link that you are using for the JQuery file....? i want to test the tutorials on my desktop as well.

thanks in advance!


you can find many versions google jquery hosting or jquery download page