Download exercise data?


As I’m going through SQL exercises and challenges here, I’m wondering if I could download exercise data to recreate the queries on my computer. Is the data available for download?

Which course are you referring to, specifically?
From taking most of the SQL courses here, no I don’t think the tables are anywhere to download.

Analyze Data with SQL Skill Path or just a basic SQL course.

No, it’s not available.

But, if you wanted to practice writing SQL queries, there’s sites like SQLZoo, Codewars, Hackerrank, etc. I think that Google BigQuery is free too. You just need to create an account and then you can practice writing queries there.

Or, if you have a SQL server on your machine and PgAdmin or DB Browser for SQLite or whatever–you could create your own DBs and tables, or, import csv files and create tables from there.

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