Doubt regarding code submission for entry edits


I have been assigned to take on a JavaScript issue, which is my first time contributing to an open-source task for editing a couple of listed entries. For one entry, I have written code for one of the listed entries in the code editor on my machine but the example is short and simple. So, I am unsure if it would be accepted or not as I want to check if my code is plagiarized or not before creating a pull request. Is it possible to check code plagiarism in any way and also will short code be accepted?

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Hi, @textmaster40456! :slight_smile: Welcome to Codeacademy Docs! :slight_smile: There’s nothing wrong with using a short and simple code snippet. It can be a great way for people new to coding or that particular element to learn its syntax. As far as plagiarism is concerned, consider the following methods to combat this:

  1. Go to your projects, find lines where you used the element you’re writing about, and make them more beginner-friendly for your entry.
  2. Do a beginner-friendly example in one part of the entry. Then, take that same line of code and do an advanced version.
    I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your response. I understand now and will follow the tips to avoid plagiarism accordingly.

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