Doubt in div block



i tried to make a website so i started with adding a nav bar. i added Home in the div block but the word home
was going out of the block

My Webpage

    <body style="background-color:#C6E2FF" />

    <div style="height:60px; width:1200px; background-color:#20b2aa;
       margin:auto; border-radius:100px;">



iwant to add home at the left side what should i do????

Urgent doubt

you could add: padding-left: 10px; to your div, keep in mind that adding padding will expand the box, you might also want to include box-sizing: border-box; (to the style attribute, both of them) to make padding and the border part of the width and height of a element

The reason it is outside the block, is because of border-radius, the text is on the left side of the block, border-radius makes the border have a radius, which makes it smaller, but the text doesn't care. It will still be on the left side, like it was a rectangle