Doubt again


I am stuck in this pizza exercise I am working on .. Please help!!


You mind posting your code for the lesson and what error or problem you are having with it? :thumbsup:


yep sure..

function takeOrder (topping, crustType) {
console.log('Order: ' + crustType +' crust topped with ' + topping );

takeOrder( 'paproni', 'regular');
takeOrder('olives', 'medium');
takeorder('bacon', 'large');
The thing is that I am not getting the last one printed!!!


might be because you left your takeorder not capitalized... try takeOrder


Yeah but then I tried as you told ..its not working


Ok what is the problem now? Is it the same or different? If different tell me the full error :thumbsup:


its the same.. it says the last takeOrder is not defined


Ok well I was hoping it would be an easy fix but never seems to work out that way eh? haha Let me take another look at it


hahaha yeah.. but pls help me out.. else i'll not be sleeping today:joy:


Well thats a problem so I will look at it :stuck_out_tongue:


hey and sorry to bother you can you give me a link to the lesson you are on? I am having a hard time finding it in all the javascript lessons :blush:


Ok @ritu_rajesh after looking at your code and as long as you made the takeOrder change your code should pass fine.... Now, I don't have access to that particular Learn Javascript lesson because I have almost completed the old Javascript course and have not started the new Learn Javascript course so I could be missing something but I think it should pass based on my knowledge and testing in an empty Javascript lesson. Try refreshing your browser, clearing cookies, using a different internet browser to try and make the computer "realize" your code is correct haha


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