Doubly Linked Lists Help Removing All Instances of Value

I am trying to understand the concept but have been struggling for a while. The guided course content doesn’t go into Parent/Child class relationships at all so I’m really out of the loop for the syntax on how to make the code work.

I know I need to loop through the doubly linked list, but I am getting lost on what methods I can call and how to call them correctly. I keep getting TypeErrors and it’s really frustrating. Can anyone point me to a resource that better explains the process of calling parent methods in a child class and the correct syntax usage?

If it’s inheritance you’re having issues with try documentation and a small test file: 9. Classes — Python 3.12.2 documentation.

Create some parent class Foo and try to call its methods from a child class Bar and see how that works out.

In terms of debugging, run the code locally and use breakpoint() to debug interactively. You can see where the types are shifting against your expectation and change your expectations accordingly.