Double quotation marks are not allowed in the Instance (Classes) exercise

Am I not allowed to use " when passing values through parameters? I passed surgeonCurry’s values like so:

const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon("Curry","Cardiovascular");

But it kept telling me I was wrong. I was completely lost, and I eventually just clicked Solution. But the only change it made was that it changed the quotations from double to single (so it looked like ‘Curry’, ‘Cardiovascular’ rather than with double quotes). I’ve been using double quotes for everything, why is it suddenly not okay?


It may have been an oversight on the author’s part to not include double quotes in the SCT. These things happen.

When getting a solution, be sure to copy your own code, first, then Reset the lesson and paste it back in, make the changes and Save. This way we may determine if there are other issues. If not, your code should pass.


Thanks! Out of curiosity, are there actually any differences between ’ and "? Do they have different uses for certain cases?

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Rarely, as they are synonymous. We have both so one can be used inside the other.

"some text 'inner quote' end text"

'some text "inner quote" end text'

I just want to say that I came here for this exact issue and it is still not fixed as of March 31st.

I rather doubt it is a high priority issue and may never be addressed. That is out of our hands and entirely up to the development team to coordinate.

For what it’s worth, I also came here for this same single/double quote issue.

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This seems like an oversight.

I’ve noticed other lessons and exercises also have small mistakes. (Specifically on the Web Development Path) I understand they are not high priority but are they at least known to the development team? If they are not, where can we submit these bugs?

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Did a quick search and found it:

Here is some information for those looking to report: How do I report a bug?

Here’s how to report bugs if anyone is interested:

I’ve submitted one for the mistake described above.

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Well just started this course after not using this site for many years, since I miss the gamification nature of things. I need to learn javascript classes so googled “codecademy javascript classes” and came across this tutorial.

I notice there’s now a pro feature and I was prepared to dump the money necessary so that I could focus on learning here seriously. Well, first lesson and this issue pops up, my solution of single quotes “’” is not accepted. I come here and I see other people have reported this for a long time now? This is the first exercise in the Javascript classes for this website and the first tutorial has a trivial error like this? I can just imagine the sort of Q&A future tutorials no doubt go through. I won’t be purchasing a Pro membership anymore.

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I’m also here for the quotes issue.

I was thinking about shelling out for Pro, but uh, now I don’t know. Maybe my money would be better spent elsewhere. I’m sure this would be a 2 second fix?

Thank you very much for bringing this to our attention. I reported this as a bug directly to the engineering team.

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class Surgeon {
  constructor(name, department) { = name;
    this.department = department;
const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon('Curry', 'Cardiovascular')
//const surgeonCurry = new Surgeon("Curry","Cardiovascular");
const surgeonDurant = new Surgeon('Durant', 'Orthopedics');