Dot notation 9/16


Hello, I can't seem to get this working.

My code:
ministry = "The Ministry of Silly Walks"

print len(ministry)
print ministry.upper()

Error: Your code threw the following error: 'int' object is not callable


You are trying to print an integer, you should convert it to a string with str().


That's not quite it. Printing ints is fine, Python will convert it to string automatically because only strings are printable, I'm pretty sure you know that but that's not what you're suggesting!

The error message is saying that you are calling an integer, which is good because integers are indeed not callable, 5 is not a function. You're calling two things in your code ( ()-operator) so it would seem that one of them are an integer, most likely you assigned a number to the name len and now you're calling it. Refresh the page and make sure not to re-assign stuff that you expect to use later on.


Thanks! That really seems to work.