DOS vs Unix

I know that “Command Prompt” on Windows uses DOS while “Terminal” on Macs and Linux uses Unix, but I have no idea what the difference is (all googled results are way above my knowledge level).

Can someone explain the difference between the Windows system and the Mac/Linux system?

My understanding is that dos (cmd.exe) is just an emulator of older os’s, probably not a complete one at that. Forget about that and replace it with powershell

A unix-like system is text-oriented, configuration consists mainly of text, lots of interfaces to various things are (or at least behave as) files
If you’ve got a bunch of text manipulation tools then you’re good to go.
This all doubles rather well as a development environment with components that are easy to swap out because they each only do one thing.

Windows on the other hand, isn’t text oriented and those text-oriented tools won’t do you much good when you’re looking to edit the registry or add a user. Powershell aims to provide similar scripting abilities that unix has for administrating the operating system. But they’re not text based, they probably won’t help you much in your own projects…You need an IDE for all that

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