Doodle Jump! Using Phaser.Js Merry Christmass!

Hey guys, im really exited for this one as i almost quited on this project but decided to never give up and got the solution!!!

Please give me any suggestions, or improvments i should make so i become better! Hope its a fun game! Thankyou!


is the game of doodle jump!

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Your a element “here” doesn’t lead to an actual link - so I can’t see your game =(

Updated!!! up top


Very fun and I like that it’s easy enough to start but challenging enough to keep you going. My only suggestion for an eventual add-on would be scoring, runs (10 points for going up 30 blocks without falling etc.), or maybe certain blocks that disappear if you take to long to get up to the next block. Just to add an element of competition =D

Wow i completely forgot about the scoring! Ok will do that in future and maybe in this one. Curently im working on an awesome game that is soon to be told for tommorow! Cant open a gift untill christmass :smiley: . Be sure to check it out :smile:!

Merry Christmass everybody!

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Hey @amanuel2, after the Flappy Bird project, this one’s too wonderful. Though I agree that scoring is missing. Plus, the doodle bounces too much after it falls on one block, which adds unnecessary time delay (though I haven’t played the original doodle jump so I don’t know if that too much bounce is a characteristic of that game)

Good luck! And Merry Christmas! :smiley:

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There is a knew awesome game coming today!!! Be sure to be on the look-out!

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