Dont undestand the way of linking the google fonts


The google font links in the tutorial is different "", this is not similar with the actual web adress. This is not clear to me, should I add these extra words by my self or what?


In order ro use Google fonts you need to go to the Google Fonts website.
In there, you chose a font and, by selecting it (by clicking in the + sign near the chosen font) you can get the that you copy and paste in the head section of your script.
With this, the chosen font is intalled


What can we do if we want to use many different google fonts? Should we provide a link element inside the head element, for every such font we want to use?


Yes, you need to follow the same process for each google font you want to use (as I explained above) and then paste the links in the in the head section of your script.
Then you can choose which font to use with the CSS file


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