Don't understand


I did not understand how to use : name — learning-babel
description — Use Babel to transpile JavaScript ES6 to ES5 to make package.json.


Is this exercise related? Can you share the exercise url? What have you tried? You understand what webpack and babel are?

#3 this is what i do rn
ANd i did not get what the babel means either!


|_ node_modules
|___ .bin
|___ …
|_ src
|___ main.js
|_ .babelrc
|_ package.json
and I can’t even get how to see the folders and files on my excersise


Just like many programs (chrome, office word and so on) have updates, programming language also have updates. Javascript (the language you are currently learning) released an update in 2015, under the name es6.

But the support for es6 isn’t good enough yet to use it in production (on your website), so we need to transpile from es6 to es5 (es5 is version before es6)

this is where babel comes in. Babel can transpile (convert if you like) es6 to es5.

However, tools/programs like babel need to be configured before we can use them

this is why we need to create .babelrc and specify the configuration. Babel expects this file

There should be a folder icon:


which open the file navigation, or you can use the command line.


Thanks for your help!!!
i would try to understad it better using some other tools too and that what you told me .


Wouldn’t learning multiple tools at the same time only add to the confusion? Focus on babel and webpack for now.

#8 is this going to help me out ?


that uses a very different tool set, not related to JS at all.

i would read guides/official doc on to gain additional information on babel.

#10 is that it ?\


And my you can send any links practicing for JS more (and the practices could help me to get better at JS ) and for babels too !


That is something different entirely, this is there official website:

which isn’t of much help, just google something like:

babel tutorial

This is not an easy part to go through, if you are not familiar with bash (*nix shell) or npm (node package manager).

Just try to follow the instructions in the lesson, how can i best assist you with that?

Freecodecamp has good JS course as well. But babel is just a tool for transpiling, becoming better at JS won’t change much about the babel tool, babel is something need to push through.


Ok look
I am taking the free courses in CodeAcademy and gonna start some tutorials using EDX. The first tutorial must be about JS and I think it would help me out .
and I use this up here and some other one should use for JS too. Juts wanna know if you know anything page or program that gives such an opportunity as practicng for JS AND CSS just let ,me know please.


And if the role of Babels big for introducing Web pages.

#15 is the old learning environment, please don’t take this course

there are plenty: freecodecamp, sololearn, codeschool and a lot more. Surely you can find those on google :slight_smile:

if you don’t want to use babel (or other transpile tool), you can also learn JS es5. es6 simple doesn’t have support/coverage yet to be used on a website. But its better to use es6 and then transpile to es5.


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