Don't understand this git status output

Why I got this output? It seems like I didn’t add any file… What is suppose to show? What did I do wrong?

If you run the command below it will list every file that is being tracked by git.

git ls-tree --full-tree --name-only -r HEAD

For a detailed breakdown of this command you can see:

thank you so much.
It show scene-1.txt.
so actually it did something … why the first time it didn’t show me the file?

You need to add the file to be pushed to the queue. If you have a repository and it shows you, that the file is tracked, it still does not mean that it is added to the repo.

1. Add the file(s)

With the following command you add all files with changes:

git add .

2. Commit the changes

git commit -m 'description of the change'

3. Push the file

git push -u origin

Did you do an add and commit for that file earlier? If a single file is added then there is not output when you run the git add filename command. Also if there are no changes to a file that is already tracked and has been committed then it will not show up in the output of git status

Adding test.txt and committing.

Adding again and running status.

I was wondering how I use Git lfs to host files, I have Git and the LFS add-on installed, And the type of files I want to host are VPK’s (V.alve PaK file), A proprietory format similar to zip or 7zip used by valve in the source engine; and “.zip” files. I wanted to have these hosted to be used by PAC3 in a popular souce mod called Garry’s mod. Basically in PAC3 You can use zip files and VPK’s from the internet to display models, textures and various source assets without worry about conflicts of other players.