Don't understand the thing


in this code we’ve declare a function name clinic at the very first point of our code & that’s clear. What i don’t understand is that at the last of the code we call that function why we call it & what is the purpose of it?


you can always revisit earlier exercises/section of the course, this can be useful to refresh your memory about function and function calls

a function call execute the function, the function itself is just a set of instructions which needs execute at some point (later, or maybe not at all)


Hi @bishwaydatta,

Please provide a link to the exercise so that it is convenient for users to find it in order to reply to your question.


@bishwaydatta, this also explains why you are confused about the function. It hasn’t been covered yet. Don’t worry too much about functions yet, you will get more about it later

just see if you understand the control flow


The technique of the clinic function’s calling itself is an example of recursion. You’ll learn more about recursion, and when it can be useful, later on in the Learn Python track.