Dont understand spacing


Saids that i am coding correctly, but the spacing after "im..19 yrs of age" is a problem. Somebody mentioned that i should use "span" to make it work better, but i am just beginning to code and haven;t learned that beginning unit 3

<!DOCTYPE html>
		<title>Adalid Aparicio Cespedes</title>
	<img src=""/>
	<p>Hi, im <p style="font-size:22px"><em>19</em></p>yrs of age and was born in<p style="font-family:Copperplate">Mexico City</p>.I am a male Hispanic and like riding my MTB.</p>
	     <li><p style="color:blue">Interest</li>
	      <ol><li><strong>working hard</strong></li>
	      <li>seeing my girlfriend</li>
	     <ul><li>Favorite foods</li>
	     <ol><li>tortas cubana</li>
	     <li>line cook</li></ul>
	     <ul><li>Work shoes</li>


may be the font size that is causing the 19 to not fit on the same line with"Hi, im...."



You put it in another paragraph thus it goes on another line..

If you want to style a few words from a paragraph as you said someone told you to use span that is correct.

Here's an example:

<p> My name is:  <span style="color: blue">James </span>and I am 99 years old </p>


ok that makes a lot of sense, Wow i tried it and it worked! thanks, weird that i havent been tought that by now(span style)


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