Don't understand lesson 7

Hey, i dont understand lesson 7.
I write:
spam_variable = True
eggs_variable = False

and it doesnt come up an error message in the window, but it says:
Oops, try again. Did you define a variable called spam/eggs?
Help please?

Hey, i dont really know how to delete the post, but i found out that i was not supposed to write _variable.

you need to declare only the “eggs” not the “eggs_variable”

I did that!!! same error

Can anybody show me the whole indent please

It should be like so:
spam = True
eggs = False

We are declaring two different variables here, both of which are Boolean data type, i.e. True or False. The variable names in Python are case sensitive.

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Thank you i handle it one more question why we didn t space at this time?

def spam():
spam = True
return spam

print spam()

def eggs():
eggs = False
return eggs

print eggs()

I’ve tried this and I’m still getting the same message:

“Oops, try again. The variable spam should have the value True!”
is my spacing incorrect or is the variable for spam not define properly?
help plzzzzz

ok so I simplied it and just type in what it was asking for
made it more complicated then i needed it too.
for anyone stuck here just follow satari’s example exactly…and you’ll get through this section. must follow the lesson plan verbatim

hey guys please help me out in solving this activity.Iam getting the same error



PYTHON has been fussy and the exercise is not working and all it gives are errors.

I have included a screen shot of it too.

The solution

select all of the code and deleat it

Then put in

spam = True eggs = False

Now you are done

Thanks! The key is to capitalize the ‘T’ in True and the ‘F’ in False

hi,I think that you shouldn`t write _variable.

I typed the code like below, and turned out it’s corrct.
spam = True
eggs = False

The question is why don’t I put FOUR WIGHTSPACE before spam and eggs?
This is not like way taught in lesson 1.6.