Don't understand console.long()


In lesson 12 it talks about the function however does not explicitly tell me what ot does. The answer itself is given so that doesn't help either. Someone plz shed some light on this situation.

Replace this line with your code.


He wrote in the instructions, that he wants you to write:



The console is a debugging tool (documentation). You can tell your program to display information in the console. It is useful when troubleshooting your code, just add extra console.log() statements at various point in your program to print out the values of any variables that you need to know the values of. You put what you want to display inside the parentheses as shown in that exercise.

In the Codecademy JavaScript exercises, the console is the black area on the right of your screen. Many web browsers give you access to the console, look for Tools or Developers Tools, do a Google search for your particular browser if necessary.


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