Don't see the error in a href and image


Hello everyone. I've been working on this for an hour. Maybe the error is so obvious I'm missing it.

I don't know why it's not working. Please help. Thank you. Caroline


Hey Caroline!

As I don't know the error message, I can't help as much as I want to, but it looks like you need to change <h1.....Arial";> to <h1.....Arial;"> or remove the semicolon completely. Notice how the semicolon was outside of the quotes? That shouldn't happen.

Hope that helps!



Remember to wrap your img tag in an a tag...

Your img is not in the link. It should be where Cute Note is.


I didn't see that.... I was right too though... Right? :wink:


Yes. There is no place for a semi-colon in tag except inside quotes, as apply. Notice that there is no opening quote on the attribute, as well?


Oh yeah, didn't see that either! Doesn't help that it's 02:38 AM here lol


Thank you jibblyj and mtf! I fixed the semicolon and quotation issue. I also added

s to separate my code and link from the image. When I go to "full screen," everything looks ok. The link even works. But I am still getting the error message. Ergh! [Uploading...


You only have one image (regular) you still need a second image, wrapped in a link