Dont know why but the compiler is crazy

I dont know why but the compiler is crazy it temperature.cpp does not exist what? I just typed the C++ code in the temperature.cpp file and the compiler says it does not exist I even checked the how many files were there by “ls, ls -l and ls-a” command in the terminal And all of it says zero files and folders I even checked the folder icon the file was there alright but why does the compiler think there is no such as temperature.cpp?

I had to create a new file and deleted the temperature.cpp file and had restart all over again :expressionless: then only it worked .

and the solutions are not working either it still shows the same thing in the compiler “temerature.cpp” does not exist!!!

How are you typing it (screenshots?)

Are you writing with case sensitivity in mind?

yes I have written in case sensitive and my screen shot is disabled but if mandatory I can send a photo here.