Don't know nothing about coding

Hey guys!

I’m 15 and I started to be interesting about coding the last few months and I created an account today with code academy to earn how to code but I don’t know where to start :confused:
Can you give me some tips or exercices to do online so I have a more specialized idea about coding ?





It depends on what your goal is or what you want to develop. Different languages have different purposes…

For Web Development start with HTML & CSS


Hi Elena,

that’s great that you want to learn how to code :heart_eyes:
you can try to start with JavaScript

see twitter pic from live chat wit zach sims - someone also asked this question which language is recommended for beginners:

.#Codecademy teaches "basic concepts but also advanced enough to create nearly anything you want on the web!" @zsims

— Codecademy (@Codecademy) 8. Januar 2016

Hey Elena,
I think it’s great you have developed an interest in programming! I just started to code as well.
So from what I’ve gathered over the past few months, the place you start depends on what type of programmer you want to be. Here is a link to a guide I found last week on Codecademy’s website that should help…


Just copy and paste into your own browser.

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that’s a cool graphic! I haven’t seen it before … thanks for sharing it :wink:

No problem!
That’s what this forum is about, working together as a community as programmers.

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