Don't know how to start 1/30


I stopped with javascripting for a while, but I'm kinda confused on how to start or.. the variables IE The instruction table

var james = {
// add properties to this object!


function Person(job, married) {
this.job = job;
this.married = married;

// create a "gabby" object using the Person constructor!


you should use literal notation, in order to fill object james.
Gabby object should look as below:
var gabby = new Person("student", true);


You may want to review the previous part. I can tell you some specifics, like:

  1. Creating an object from function Dog would look like:

    var myCoolDogsName = new Dog();

  2. Setting properties to a literal object would be like:

    var obj = {
    "prop1" : "x",
    "prop2" : "y"

However, if you are having trouble grasping these, I recommend you first revise the content of Intro to Object I before venturing into part II.