Don't get why reset sheet won't allow different fonts


I’m working on the Challenge Project - Company home page with Flexbox ( but actually, that doesn’t really help with my query.

I noticed the reset.css sheet provided by Eric Meyer and often used in the Codecademy activities (CSS Tools: Reset CSS) and imported it into my own project. Honestly, it was because I’d imported some other code and I noticed that the Li items had bullets without the reset sheet so I brought it in. But now having given some thought to what it does, I want to understand it better.

The actual problem!! The reset sheet sets font to inherited. I realised this because the Roboto google font I imported wasn’t working. When I comment out “font: inherited” in the reset sheet, the goolge font works. I don’t get that at all. I get that font means inherited from the parent element, but when I set the font-family for the whole html doc to roboto, it still didn’t work.

Can anyone explain this please?