Don't get the same result when i write the same code on pycharm

i’ve tried several times to run this code on pycharm but i didn’t get the result as i get it in codecademy. i don’t understand what i’m doing wrong & lastly can anyone please help me to find an open source IDE (where i’ll feel comfortable as I feel in codecademy) for a newbie python programmer

what python version are you using outside of codecademy? Codecademy uses python2, where pycharm very likely uses python3, so you would need to look at the differences between these two major python versions

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outside of codecademy i’ve used both python-2(python 2.7.14) & python-3

okay, but code you copy from codecademy to pycharm and run with python2, that should work fine, what is the problem?

the problem i face always in the print section for this particular code only

Please be more descriptive, please provide code, error mesage and python version used in pycharm. Or a screenshot, something for me to work with

you run into issues when using print in python3?

That looks to me like you copied it by typing it instead of using your operating system’s clipboard
That’s wrong in several ways, no matter where or how you run it

what are those wrong?

You could compare with the original. You said you have a running version of that code, so you don’t need me to find the differences.
There are also error messages from python which you can read and fix one at a time
You can also remove things from the code so that you area dealing with less at a time, and add them back when you have all the current parts working