Don't forget to call .include? on user_input. Error message


I keep getting a Don't forget to call .include? on user_input. error message with my code. What am I doing wrong?
print "user_imput"
user_imput = gets.chomp.downcase
if user_imput.include? "s"
print "ok"


Hi try to change that




In all your code.


Wow, I feel dumb now. Thank you very much for helping.


Why would that make any difference?


Hi jetflane, good question!

If you were coding in a separate environment outside codecademy, this code would work fine (check here). But Codecademy exercise checks strict equality for using user_input as the only name for the input variable, and therefore you get the error. In fact, since the exercise asked you to use user_input, then you should only use user_input as the name, not following this can get you in trouble as you'll later learn when using separate docs for different kinds of apps/frameworks/etc. Sticking to the docs is best.