Done with the Mixed Messages, Need FeedBack

Mixed Messages

Here is my project

Please give as much feedback as you can.
link to GitHub

Wow! This looks really elaborate, Array!
Since I’m very new to GitHub, having just completed the modules about the topic, can you or anyone else tell me how to “run” your code? Do I need to copy it to my own computer? I have no clue how to review it other than looking at it.

I usually clone the repository to a Map using (git clone

mån 18 juli 2022 kl. 21:29 skrev Dr. Unger via Codecademy Forums <[email protected]>:

Unfortunately, I don’t know how to do git clone and the link does not work.
I’ve copied your code to Visual Studio on my computer, but there was no output when I run it, unfortunately.

I made one change in line 98, adding “else” and curly brackets around the block below

} else {
    set = Math.floor(Math.random()* 5); 
}while (set < 2 ); 

return `Do ${set} sets and ${reps} reps of each excesize`}; 

With that adjustment, I get the following random output:

Today you should train: legs

you Should do these excersizes: squats, hamstring-curls, romanian-deadlifts and leg-extensions

Do 2 sets and 8 reps of each excesize


thats weird because i get and output similar to yours without the else statement. Also didnt want to add the else statement because the else statement would imply that the code in between the else bracket would only run if set was more than 3. The meaning behind that last do…while statement was to make sure that sets was never less than 2.

Huh! I removed the “else” bit and now it DOES work fine. No idea what happened there. Clearly something on my side.

OK, then, how about the following idea: Instead of making the if / do / while statements, just add 2 to the set math and 6 to the reps math? Like this:

let set = 2 + Math.floor(Math.random() * 2); (or use your getRandomNumber() function!)
let reps = 6 + Math.floor(Math.random()* 6);

And then:

const setsAndReps = () => Do ${set} sets and ${reps} reps of each exercise

Ohh!!, I knew there was an easier way to do the same thing as the do…while statements. Thank you for showing me sounds great, will change asap. Let me know if there is anything else.

I’m happy to look at your code some more, array, but you need to return the favor first. My project is here; Random Help Wanted

See if you can make some adjustments in a new branch and set it up for review. I’m curious to see what that looks like.

Looking forward to your feedback!