Done with Colmar Academy capstone. feedback?

repo: GitHub - a1d3nmam3d0v/colmar-academy: Code academy build a website capstone
page: Colmar Academy

I tried nearly every single font from not only google fonts but adobe fonts too until I went with the most basic option there is, Arial. I don’t know how I feel about the dark blue background in the banner section. It matches the blues in the picture, but is it too overpowering (dark) for the rest of the page? Are the yellow accents tacky? As far as the code goes I really wanted to try and make it simple-it’s always so cool when people use the same classes in their tags that they repeat and can style their whole page without having to make a new class for each element - but that’s not easy at all I’ve learned! I feel like I have a lot of css code that’s just adjusting specific little things which I wanted to avoid. I had a long ish gap in between the start and finish of this project though and when I returned I just wanted to finish. Honest feedback much appreciated thank you!!!

I changed the font again…
and got rid of the dark blue banner section background… and made the “start here” button really basic

I’m kinda glad no one has said anything yet because I just changed it again. This time I think I’m happy with it!

Nicely done!
I also just completed this project. It takes quite a while to do and integrates all the knowledge of the lesson so definitely congrats on completing it!

I agree - there’s really no font I found either that matches so I also went with Arial. Style-wise I think the bright yellow doesn’t feel like it’s a part of the color palette of the site. It seems to use alot of grey variations so I would think a more toned down yellow mixed with grey would be better but that’s just me.

I also used alot of specific css code but I think that’s just part of the learning curve. Being able to re-use it requires lots of practice I think. Plus I also think it’s more of an art form as there are many approaches that can accomplish the same end result - so it’s really how you want to approach and what the goals are for the site.

Here’s some feedback for the sections vs the spec:

For Desktop:
In the Practicing section - the little images that go with Orientation Date, Our Campus, Our Guest lecture have a vertical alignment that starts at the top image with the “It doesn’t hurt to keep practicing” image. This is the same in the “re-imagine urban section”. Also there are very faint grey lines drawn in this section on the spec so I put them in there as well. The “our guest lecture” and “fisma” sections have a grey background in the spec.

Mobile version looks great. I spotted an error in mine as I didn’t remove the Terms and Privacy in mobile.

Hope this feedback helps.

Best, John